Paris Hilton does not like to wear panties

Scandalous socialite came in a very awkward situation.

Пэрис Хилтон не любит носить трусы | Культура | СЕГОДНЯ

Paris Hilton, a 29-year-old blonde out for a walk in black leggings, short shirt, and, naturally, in high heels. As such, she and her sister Nicky Hilton attended a couple of shops.

With many packages star went to the car, here and there happened to her embarrassment. Near the trunk she had something fell from his hand, and, of course, Paris stooped to pick up the fallen. And just opened a spectacular view of Paris Hilton. Immediately socialite surrounded by paparazzi, and by the light of flashbulbs black leggings Hilton became completely transparent.But the underwear beneath them was not.
Apparently, Paris Hilton does not like to wear shorts. A couple of years ago, the paparazzi have "caught" socialite without underwear, but this time Paris Hilton has decided to show itself delights photographers. Although, certainly, it does not even suspect that her catch in a favorable light.



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